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 What is life like in Bixby?

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PostSubject: What is life like in Bixby?   Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:28 pm

At the stroke of Midnight, your whole town will be coated with the light of blue- know as the Secret Hour or the Blue Time. It's like time freezes, everything is brought to a standstill, but you. There are other people who are just like you- who are able to roam freely while Bixby is having it's Secret Hour. These people are called Midnighters. The Blue Time was predictable. It always came at midnight. No more, no less. No daylighter has ever broken the rope between the Blue Time and real time. But the Secret Hour is not all just fun and games. You have to fight deadly creatures called Darklings. It may to difficult be fight them. Unless you have a flashlight that has a thirteen-lettered name, and that you are the Flame-Bringer.

I am Jessica Day, the newest Midnighter in town.

I finished the series Midnighters, so I wrote this. This covers most of what the series is about.
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What is life like in Bixby?
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