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 Anyone else tired of fantage theme ''popstar''?fashion shows

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PostSubject: Anyone else tired of fantage theme ''popstar''?fashion shows   Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:42 pm

It's seriously getting on my nerves...
almost all the judges pick the stupid popstar theme...
im not complaining about it because it's hard or i can't pull it just fashion shows used to have fun themes such as food, beach, sporty, holidays, snowy and many more...and it was really fun.
now it's always the same...

Why did they even put the popstar in first place....?
and why can't they get the fashion shows like 2009, where it was fun, and you you could still win the last round even if you werent a member!

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else tired of fantage theme ''popstar''?fashion shows   Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:48 am

Well, the judges who pick Popstar theme are actually BOTS. Yes, there are bots on Fantage. Bot judges, and bot models. You can tell by the name if it's weird, and Fantage bot models change their eyes and skin colour whenever they're changing, which is impossible unless your a bot. Names for bots are like these: Lorraine_pop, ursella_sweet, tamar_cookie, mchumba_pop35, olga_pop, gerda_pop, gerda_1. Yep, a bunch of _'s and they're names usually have cookie, sweet, and pop.
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Anyone else tired of fantage theme ''popstar''?fashion shows
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