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PostSubject: Remember?   Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:57 pm

ELLO!! remember this topic when a mean girl said to me I'm ugly and stuff?
PS : this is the topic

I forgot to tell you what happened.

Everyone in my class/school i know, disagreed. and my Bff told me she is jealous and stuff.
From that day, I opened more and gained more friends and being teacher's favorite and stuff.

I guess ' Hate makes you Stronger ' is true! and when she says rude comments about my friends and me i usually ignore until it goes bad i .... EXPLODE! which turns bad! I just fight back(with words).

That girl should really stop making people go down from happiness and always let us feel ugly.she also bully younger students which me and my friends always save them.

She makes my life horrible but i just act like she said nothing and be happy and cheery like my normal self but from the inside I'm bit hurt.

You guys are my second family with my Bff!
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