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 Tips on Minecraft Games

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PostSubject: Tips on Minecraft Games   Tips on Minecraft Games EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 2:49 pm

Hello once again!

Today, I will be telling you some pro-tips about Minecraft games (Spleef, Survival Games, etc.) Please read!


1. Always use the most powerful shovels in Spleef.
2. When an enemy is close, parkour out of range (2-5 blocks at least).
3. NEVER think that you can hit an enemy (Spleef is a peaceful game).


1. Never camp at your base, even at the top of the base, the opponents have a good chance of bombing you.
2. ALWAYS move out of your base, even if there is an enemy near, you have a good chance of not dying.
3. In the Paintball arena, you are in a desert, at night mobs come out, it is a good idea to hide near or in desert structures (wells, walls).
4. Hide in a safe place like walls that are built, but DON'T camp there, once you think the coast is clear, go ahead and bomb your enemy all you like.

Mob Arena

1. If there are Alchemists on your team, ask nicely for them to heal you, or use your healing potions.
2. Choosing tank will be a good option if your a melee kind of person.
3. When the 1st boss comes out on the 10th wave, try not to get too close to it, or it ends up regenerating its health, making it impossible to kill.
4. If you are good with wolves, you might consider choosing a Wolf Breeder, where you get bones and meat to adopt wolves. However, you can only adopt 2.

Survival Games

1. Get 1 chest really fast from the middle.
2. Sprint until you think it is safe, put on your armor and look for more chests.
3. Don't camp in the middle. It's the worst place to be.
4. When you think almost everyone is dead, go to the highest point of the map and look for any survivors.
5. Use all of your resources.
6. Be in a team, because you have a great chance of killing people, but at the end kill your teammates. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

Tune in next time for Tips on Minecraft Mini-Games, Cya!
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Tips on Minecraft Games
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