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 [ The official Fantage Forum World of Warcraft Thread! ]

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PostSubject: [ The official Fantage Forum World of Warcraft Thread! ]   Tue May 18, 2010 2:01 am

HeartsNARIA Says;

◆ OMG SAY WHA? Yes this is the offical World of warcraft thread for this forum. Who says say? Um.. me? XD Plus there aren't any others so der this is the official thread ;3 ◆ ✗ So start some WoW chats here Babehs ;3 ✗

About My WoWnesses;
So yes i have a serious world of warcraft addiction. To the point where im staying up all hours playing it. I am in Sargeras, Ally. Dranei Mage level 55 but im leveling my Deathknight right now ;3 Level 65 Derz. Night elf ;3 Have a rogue but i haven't really been leveling it. Yes i DID in fact try out horde and i was like ' Oh my gosh horde freaking sucks and they are sooooo gay' [ Omg yes i love arby n the chief deal with it xD ] Anyways i had a hunter but people always called me a huntard in dungeons so i got really ticked and so until i can keep myself under control without spazzing out and saying things i cannot mention on this forum in dungeons on my hunter... i can't play as her. Aha yeah i have some anger issues when it comes to video games. So yeah.. that's about it for my wow addiction.

So start some chats here, Tell your realm and side and such.. maybe you'd been in my realm and we could do some randoms.. or maybe you are horde so i will have to kick your buttoh xD

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PostSubject: Re: [ The official Fantage Forum World of Warcraft Thread! ]   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:46 am

I played the 14 day trial it was fun! but when I saw how much the membership costs cyclops I knew my parents would never agree Razz so never played it since
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[ The official Fantage Forum World of Warcraft Thread! ]
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