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 Fishing game help/rules

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Fishing game help/rules Empty
PostSubject: Fishing game help/rules   Fishing game help/rules EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 2:39 am

The fishing game is part of the Summer Camp event.
So to start of with, you will need to buy the fishing gear. You can buy any colour.

Each colour will give you different prizes so think carefully.

Once you bought it, wear it (It can be found in you're inventory > Costumes)
If you wear it, you can swim on water. The best place to go is the Big Lake, in the new Summer Camp area on the map.

You can be on the water now, and you will realize that there will be a button on the right saying 'Click to fish' with a red and white ball.

But before clicking that, you will also see that you have a bar at the top. There you can see how many fish you have caught out of 30 for each colour, and you can view the prizes you get after catching the 30 fish.
And on the left, there will be a Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot bar.

This will be showing you how close you are to a fish.
You can catch a fish if the bar is at 'Hot' or 'Warm'. And if its at 'Cool' You can catch 1 star.
If its at cold, you will catch a ninja, seaweed, crab, jellyfish, cowboy, castle, elephant or a boot.

Those things do nothing and are just useless.

So move around on the lake until the bar reached to Warm or Hot, then press the button saying 'Click to fish!'

If you're lucky, you will hopefully catch a fish. Or just 1 star

This may look quite challenging, but believe me, follow these steps and you will get 30 in less than 20 minutes!

Like me. Im wearing the purple fishing gear and i got all 30 in 14 minutes.
So good luck with the fishing and hope you enjoy the event!
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Fishing game help/rules
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