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 Improv writing center

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PostSubject: Improv writing center   Wed May 19, 2010 5:06 pm

As you know, lots of people here (including me) are writers, but, what if you don't want to write a story, just write peotry, or a short story? Here you improvise writing!
-Must be shorter than four paragraphs, but longer than three sentences.
-Nothing inappropriate (goes w/out saying)
And that's it! You are invited to rate, but since this is a trainging ground for writers, include some CONSTRUCTIVE critisism, even if it is "9-10! You need more big words, tho," a'right, I start with a peom. (Usually a short story but I am too lazy)

The sunset
Is the sunset a miracle, If it happens every day?
when science has the answers, does the mystery go away?
the red is deep and endless,
It is narrow and restless,
It is orange and life and death.
It is a color, to summarize.
A wonder.
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Improv writing center
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