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 My list (pet peeves)

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PostSubject: Re: My list (pet peeves)   Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:26 pm

1. People who just act like they can change every little thing about them, dude, God made you that way for a reason.
2. People who just criticize a person on every little thing, just because they did one thing wrong to them in the past.
3. Trolls, not the spammers, the stupid ones who are like "U JST GOT TROLLED TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHA UR SOO FAKE EVN BRBIE IS JELLY ;L" and that nonsense.
4. People who post stuff like "LIKE IF U THINK SHES BEAUTIFUL" On pictures with cancer patients, obviously we think she's pretty, we feel sorry for her!!
5. People who lie.
6. Dumb, rude, and jerk-ish, people.
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PostSubject: Re: My list (pet peeves)   Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:38 am

-My sisters list that she wanted me to post here- (copied from MW)

1. When I walk into a room on fantage and half of the girls are wearing the short shorts, checkered shirts, and intriguing blonde hair and they thinnk they are so sexy or whatever when they just look like everyone else.
2. When people fight over whether something is lipgloss or chapstick (me and my bro hate this lol)
3. When girls accuse eachother of wearing make up. "You're wearing eye make up!" someone will say. Who cares of the person is wearing eye make up. It doesn't affect you.
4. Girls who patroll the school like "you cant wear that its not dress code" or whatever.
5. People who talk all cute and high like they are on hellium in front of adults, and like a normal person in front of kids their age.
6. Members vs. non members. Yes members can rub their things in non members faces. Yes non members can be jealous brats sometimes. But we were all once non members, and the only thing that sets us apart are our clothes. It's really just member clothes against non member clothes. Sounds ridiculous now doesn't it?
7. People who wear reindeer ears or cat ears just to look popular or "sexy" when they really don't and say stuff like "reinder swaggg" (fantage)
8. When people lie about some magical possession, then when people ask to see it, they say something like "oh I gave it away".
9. There are african american people in our school, and I get annoyed when the teachers talk to all of us about racism and stuff like that. It's awkward for the people that are african american. Those things should be taught in private, in my opinion. Although the separation would be even more awkward.
10. When girls on fantage constantly bombard the guys with requests just so they can say they have a ""hot mem vuv" and someone to wear a stupid bracelet with. They don't want to add you because you're a desperate cow.
11. Yes I live in New England. No I'm not a snob. My last name is not "La Foof" and I don't complain about spiders in my jaccuzzi. Now I'm not saying there aren't spiders in there, but I don't whine about it! I get bothered when people from other schools insult our school and the people who attend it. They call us show offs and all that yada yada. Yep. I go to a preppy private school. It might be snooty, I don't know! But it's none of anyones business!
12. When eight year old girls wear bras when they clearly don't need one, they just wear it just to seem all mature and grown up and popular.
13. When boys call all the latest boy bands and male singers gay just because they are jealous.
14. When people on fantage say stuff like "Herro" and "da" "dat" etc. It is racially offensive.
15. When little girls act like those girls from Victorious and iCarly, stuff like that. It's annoying.
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My list (pet peeves)
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