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 diary of a tourist: Pokemon fanfic (in shines account)

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PostSubject: diary of a tourist: Pokemon fanfic (in shines account)   Mon May 24, 2010 8:38 pm

Dear Diary,
So many things happened today... where do I start? Ah yes! We finally made it to the airport in Goldenrod, which means that we are about to tour all of the Kanto-Johto landmass! Josh jokingly calls it "Kanjoh," even if that dosn't make sense. So annoying.... verything here is so placid compared to technologic Sinnoh. Humanity and nature intersect in a way I havent seen since forever. Beautiful. Here is a photo: That kid with the blue hair is Josh. Doesn't he look annoying?

first, we had to fly to the safari zone gate. Josh didn't have fly in his moves so he had to use on of my pokemon. We finally reached the Safari Zone. I expected it to be full of advertisements and fees and stufff like that, like the Safari Zone in Sinnoh, but it was sort of depilated. It was a little homely, but that was part of its charm. Th fee was slighty higher, but that didn't matter because the game was harder. I only got three pokemon! It was still early morning, we hadn't even had breakfast yet! However, the shopkeepers were here early and I managed to get a hand-made quick ball. It was nice and smooth.

Rout 48 was very non-descript. A fearow attacked us, though, so I don't like that road alot. "A pleasant path from the base of the mountain to the Safari Zone?" yeah right. Route 47 was beautiful. There were few wild pokemon, the cliffs were imponent but not intimidating, the waterfalls... wow. the steam at the bottom made its way to the top, where we were, making the air humid. It caught the sunlight so you could see each individual water droplet, dancing through the air. We made our way down to the water using a cave. It was a dark cave, and I was scared. Josh rose to the occasion and acted all Hero-y. Ugh.

The water was blue and green and yellow and took my breath away. Even Josh was silent. There were ALOT of tentacools, dashing shadows beneath the sun-struck surface. We used our pokemon (for me, an empoleon) to surf on the waves, and after going through the water we arrived in Cianwood city. We ate breakfast there and relaxed. the few people out on the streets wanted to battle, so we did a double battle andlost. The sky was clear of clouds, but a little glaring, so I put on my visor and sunscreeen. We left the quaint town and realizd the next destination was route 41.

There were TONS of whirpools. I hated that place. the water was dirty with random stuff, and white due to the whirpools. Josh wantd to go to Whirl Island, so we did. We shouldn't have. It was dark and full of Golbats. For a chiroptophobe like me, it was terrifying. He also wantd to find Lugia, of all things, But I dragged him out. We reachd land, but not before I had salt water in my mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and certain other places I will not mention. I had to comb my hair again, but it was hard with so much water in it! And I was dizzy.

We could calm down on route 40, where we shared some food. It was dotted with small isladns, and there were few waves. There was this nice girl called Elaine who I greeted, then battled. It was sorta like rout 48, ony without the fearows. Then.... we reached OLIVINE CITY! i say it ike that because thats how it was.

Shouting, yelling, screaming, laughing. Agh, it hurt my ears. We managed to see a seasid sunset, though. It was nice. the docks needed some claning up, becaus the wood was rotting. Some ships went all the way to Vermillion City! We didn't need to go to Vermillion City, though, we needed to go the the lighthouse.

glitter lighthouse looked plain and unadorned, but inside it was pretty fancy. Josh immediately sprung up the stairs to the top, so I had to follow. The ladders were very steep, and sort of rickety. the top, though, was another matter. You could see the whole town, outlined by sea. Th world glittered in the sunset, as all the magic in the world stopped here t rst. The town did not seem Hectic from up here. It seemed serene. Th world was frozen in time. Ampharos looked at us quizzically. Josh tried to break th silence, but he could only muster "Wo-wow,"
Here's a pic: !

We had dinner in Olivine café. We could see the lighthouse through the window. Well, now I have to go to sleep! See you tomorrow

edit: from now on it is gonna be in mai account, cuz mai sissy ish banned. Also, the "E" key dosnt work so well, so dont critizise the spelling.

We have our whole scheduele planned out! I am so excited! Here it is:

Today: we go up by route 39, visit MooMoo Farm, east by route 38, visit Ecruteak city (including th two towers, probably), go down route 37, visit the ruins of Alph, an hopefully rest in Violet City.
Tomorrow: Visit Violet City, Dooooown route 32, Past the Union Cave, end in Azalea town, pss Ilex forest, up route 34, rst in goldenrod City. (Yey!)
The next day: Visit Goldenrod thoroughly (this takes up most of the day), and spend the next part in national park, rest in Ecruteak.
The next day: Go to Mt. Mortar (sounds boring but Josh wanted to do it), Visit Magohany town, go upwards towards the lake of rage, go to the Ice path, visit and rest in Blackthorn City.
The next day: Dooooooown route 45, enter Dark Cave, visit New Bark Town, visit Tojoh falls, go back to New BArk town and rest there, recieve Kanto schedule.

Well, we're on our way, route 39 is not perfectly straight, but I don't care. It snakes it's beaten way upwards towards MooMoo Farm, a surprisingly nic farm where Miltanks graze. One of them seemed sick, and josh wanted to give it an oran berry (???!!!!) but we didn't have time. The farmer was nice and gave us MooMoo milk for $500 dollars. I dragged Josh along. He seemed sick. Maybe the milk didnt sit welll with him?

Here is a picture of Ecruteak city (or Enju City, as the locals call it): breathtaking, isn't it? The tower is Bell tower, Man's feat against nature, glittering in the morning sun. The city was rather old fashioned, taking after traditional Johtonian architecture, it evn included a dance theater!

We had our breakfast there, then were on our way towards Bell Tower. We had to pass through registration, then through the Suzune no Komichi, a path that wound through trees the colors of fire, or the sun when it is about to sleep. Then we were there. It certainly did loook like the place where a rainbow colored pokemon rests, like the legends say.

Inside, however, was another story. It was impossible to get to the top, becauese of these pesky ladddrs and teleporting swuares. I was dizzy, but it was worth it. Remember the lighthouse in Olivine? This on was a thousand tims better. It made one a little acrophobic, but you could see the fire colored trees, spreading ike what they symbolized, barely grazing the tall cliffs in the distance. Towards the south, the city spread out, and what looked so magnificent from the ground was dwarfed in comparison of the wild, untamed nature surrounding it.

We climbed down and tried to enter Burnt tower (Yaketa tou by the citizens, or even kane no tou, by the elders), but it was too dpilated. We shrugged and went to routee 37. It was a short route, but shock-full of trainers and had three apricorn trees. I put a pnk apricorn into the apriblender, then went to the ruins of Alph gate. I took the apriblender out, discovered it had finished blending and fed a pokmon some aprijuice.

I never liked ruins. It is almost as if the ghosts of the past were still floating around, living in the houses and waiting, with their watchful eyes. These ruins were different. Thy wer less menacing, more friendly, almost as if you were a ghost yourself. That is, until I entered the caves.
Here is a pic:

Unown fluttered about like frightened bees, the air filled with mystery. The unown hid themselves in the cracks on the wall, but that didnt make their eyes any lss curious, deciding our fate. I saw a white shadow flit about several times. My radio turned on spontanously and strang, crackling sounds, as if in pain. (THIS REALLY HAPPENED IN THE GAMES IT WAS TERRYFING) "}c´mon, lets get out of here!" I pulled Josh out the front entrance and we ran towards Violet City.


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PostSubject: Re: diary of a tourist: Pokemon fanfic (in shines account)   Mon May 24, 2010 8:42 pm

LOL this is just like Soulsilver
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diary of a tourist: Pokemon fanfic (in shines account)
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