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 my random day [9-7-12]

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PostSubject: my random day [9-7-12]   Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:51 pm

today i did random things in school. we had a math fact test and i got all one hundred problems and we are now reveiwing 5th grade division! i cant wait untill we actually do middle school stuff. i made friends with this one girl named Decka. she was born with a broken spine, and her hips and down are un-able to move. i said hi and she waved back. i said "sup" and i could not hear her talk back. can she not talk loud? well, who cares? because she is an awesome friend! well, after school one of my other friends, who can walk and stuff came over. she likes funny stuff so we watched farting in the USA on youtube. it is so funny! ok, well she had to leave for soft ball an hour ago. i went on fantage, and more people came infront of me asking to add them. am i famous? i only have like one stupid video on youtube. idk why i posted this, it just feels different than any other kind of day for me
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my random day [9-7-12]
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