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 Babysitter ~App~

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PostSubject: Babysitter ~App~   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:01 pm

My very first app!


Apps for kid-

Apps for Adults
New to babysitting?(yes or no)-

Mine -

Name- Tori Jackson
Gender- female
age(7-9)- 8
Story- Tori's family took a cruise for a month and her mom hooked a babysitter for tori. ( Ehh not much )
picture/description- Tori has Dark Red hair,and wears a kimono everyday ( washes it duh ),and have blue eyes. She is a fan of anime and vocaloid lololol

Anyone wants to be my babysitter? :>
wow this actually took me a hour to think

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PostSubject: Re: Babysitter ~App~   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:35 pm

Name- Addison Taylor Vega [[ Also known as Addie ]]
Gender- Female
Age- 9
Story- Addison is also known as Vega. She is a shy, mature, quiet, intelligent, independent, kind, generous, and is a selfless person. Addison doesn't speak anymore since she always gets bullied and teased every year so she's easy to handle. Addison's parents took a vacation to Ireland, they didn't take her since they didn't have enough money and they also didn't want to go since Addie would be left alone with a babysitter. But Addie insisted somehow without talking. Addison also loves reading books and writing. And she also looks a bit older and mature than her real age.
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Babysitter ~App~
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