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 Halloween Fun Day [10/25/12]

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PostSubject: Halloween Fun Day [10/25/12]   Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:49 am

Oh yeah!!~ Our hallloween fun day is soo fun~ i though we will not do the trick or treat because maybe it will rain but noo~~ It didnt rain then we go to some houses with my classmates and teachers doing trick or treat! KyAa! and when we do our program soo maybe kids do Halloween some of them fantasy some of them witches,anime cosplay,zombies, and more scary :3... And yeah we have the best in costumes and the winner in our class is my classname girl *MILE* She do the vampire doll.. She is soo cute~. This is her picture,.~
I dont know if you like it but i like her clothes. :3 and yeah~ Some of them are really scary and some of them are soo cute or funny~.. ;3 and yeah heres some of our pictures...
BTW~ I do the cosplay Vampire Knight Night class~ If you dont know them just search it~.. :3 And as you see sometimes Im the tallest girl in the picture.. wearing color White Clothes.. ;3 Thats called Vampire knight night class. :3.. BEWARE THE PICTURES ARE BIG AND MANY~

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Halloween Fun Day [10/25/12]
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