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 The Escape [App]

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PostSubject: The Escape [App]   Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:50 am

Story- You was trapped in a cave for over 30 years without food,Clothes,anything. Then the cave opens now its time to ESCAPE but you are lost in a rain storm hurry and find your way!

No Sexual parts. No Swearing,and yes we can have gore just don't go to far with it
Don't control other characters
Please oh please don't take all the spotlight other people don't want to be left out
And have FUN! =]

Enough of my yippity yap



Name: Nora Banks
Age: 14
Personality: Nora could be really friendly and not so smart.. Nora is mostly cheery and doubtful...She could be a pain and ask lots of questions because she is like a dectetive...Otherwise, Nora is a wonderful little girl
Picture/Description: Nora has Hair up to her shoulders its very silky,and Strawberry Blonde. She has Dark brown eyes and usually wears Skinny jeans, with a t-shirt that says "Be a winner!" with a dog on it. She has Michael Jordan shoes. Nora always wear a Butterfly headband

Enjoy and if you have questions be sure to ask!

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The Escape [App]
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