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 I am posting too much of these topics [12-20-12]

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PostSubject: I am posting too much of these topics [12-20-12]   Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:12 pm

First of all, I got invited to a 'end of the world' party. I did not come, because of 2 reasons:

The thought scares me

and I don't believe it.

Then, I had to leave school early because I had to go to the docters. It was not for a check up, and I was not sick. It was for another reason I am not saying. We had to wait in the waiting room for an hour.

Then later, me, Lemonade, and my 8 year old sister went to the dentist for a checkup.

My sisters are pretty healthy, but I might need braces. I am not that sure though. But then everyone started talking about wisdom teeth and started scaring me..I got a new tooth brush. They were making a new area of the place, so when I had to got o the bathroom I had to use the one 2 floors up, because it was the only temporary bathroom.

Then I went home, and had Chinese food. I hate how they put stuff in my rice, so I just ate around it and had some white rice.

Then I facetimed my friend. It only lasted like 5 minutes, but it was pretty fun since I don't see her much anymore.

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I am posting too much of these topics [12-20-12]
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