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 I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~

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PostSubject: I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~   Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:21 am

Everyone watched as the small caskets were placed in the huge holes. They were tearful, but anger was stirring up inside of them. Who had does this to they're beloved children? The question floated around in everyone's head. It had been almost a month after the murders, but it took several weeks before they found the bodies. A couple weeks before, A fisherman and his wife were fishing by the end of the waterfall, they seen the bodies floating face down in the stream. So, they called the police and knew the bodies were of Maddie & Alyssa.

About three years later, the horror and sorrow was over. Everyone had carried on with they're lives, and Maddie's mother even had another child. She named her Stream. Everyone thought that was odd, since Maddie died in a stream. But everyone got over the odd choice of name. Well, everyone except Maddie. She didn't like that her mother had another child. She didn't like everyone had forgotten about her. And she most certainly didn't like that her little sisters name was " Stream." So she was plotting revenge.

Her ghost didn't pass to heaven, instead she was wandering freely. She was in the same meadow that she died in three years before, standing by a tree. She was whistling. Then, she heard something. She hid, and seen a small girl walking to the river. She was wearing a light blue dress, with a blue ribbon. She looked closer at the small child. Then she smiled. " Hello, Stream." she said in her mind.

She thought her mother was extremely stupid. Letting a four year old into a meadow alone? Her mother thought the meadow was safe, but she didn't take the hint when Maddie died. What an airhead.

The little girl dipped her feet in the water. She was singing. " La, La, La," she sound quietly. Then, she seen a green fish. " Ooh! Fishy!" she said. She leaned closer, trying to tap the fish, but then, she fell in. She screamed for help, and managed to pull half her body out. Maddie appeared in front of her. The girl was confused, and reached her hand out for Maddie to pull her out. Instead, Maddie pushed her in. She screamed, and felt like the water was holding her down. After about two minutes, she stopped moving. She was dead. The body went over the river, but her dress looked so much like the colour of the water, that it would be pretty hard to see her. Maddie smiled. She skipped away.

That's what you get, Mommy.
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PostSubject: Re: I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~   Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:00 pm

I just cant believe it~ Its a very touching nice or whatever I CANT EXPLAIN it~ omy~ Is there another story?.. Please please i beg you.. another story i want more more :> its just a very amazing story~
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PostSubject: Re: I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:14 pm

Well that was rude of Maddie. XD

I like scary things so I thought this was good. owo
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PostSubject: Re: I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~   

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I told you not to. ~ Sequel to Maddie's Ghost.~
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