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 The buffet [1/3/13]

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Sakuya Izayoi
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PostSubject: The buffet [1/3/13]   Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:50 pm

Today we went to old country buffet because it was my birthday but we couldn't go on the date. I had like 8 giant plates of Mac and cheese, REAL CHEESE.
I had like
3 pizzas [Mini]
pasta 3 servings
2 steaks
8 plates of mac and cheese
3 cones of ice cream
1 rice crispe.
Heres the thing my stomach didn't even hurt.
You may be thinking, "YOU LIAR, YOU DIRTY THEIVEING LIAR!".

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PostSubject: Re: The buffet [1/3/13]   Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:52 pm

Omg, this list is making me hungry. Glad you had lots of fun eating and Happy Birthday!
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The buffet [1/3/13]
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