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 The Ultimate Review of.... Sharp the Fantagian #3..

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Review of.... Sharp the Fantagian #3..   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:38 pm


Many fails trying to capture the Chigago Wolf have been attempted... but, have we found a team who will finally kill this young child holding this Chigago Wolf host? The Shebbie Company Team received a stack of papers in their office one day, and found a newspaper from Fantage, with a written story about Sharpsul vs. Pain. The Shebbie is not holding back. They have all the weapons, 500 soldiers, guns, bow and arrows, nets, and poison weapons. Is it the end for Sharpsul, not just him, but Fantage as well?
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The Ultimate Review of.... Sharp the Fantagian #3..
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