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 The magic raincoat

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PostSubject: The magic raincoat    Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:48 am

One day...In the rainbow an girl called Emerald was looking out of her window sighing until she found her mum with a brand new raincoat to play with outside.
When she got outside she accidentally clapped her hands and BOOM! the sun came up and Emerald had got rid of every puddle you could think of.
Emerald stared at her raincoat in amazement.
For that very moment she didn't want to take her raincoat off she kept it on
no matter how people laughed at her she just used her magic powers instead but that was aft her when she found out them like the memory freezer and the world freezer.
1 Week later she decided to clap her hands without her raincoat on but then she discovered that the raincoat was doing the magic.She thought it was her.But she couldn't wear it to school! or when it was sunny!.
Emerald was disappointed.
Then she had nightmares dreams you wouldn't think of because of the raincoat what were her friends going to think?!
So then as she was putting it in the trash the raincoat a big monster zoomed in front of her.The goo monster.Whenever she saw him she turned into anime It was weird for her she shined her big black eyes at him to make him blind She lept out her sword and chopped him up then she turned back into normal.The monster had gone."What are you doing out there?! and whats all that racket?! its 4:00 am in the morning!!"Mum shouted."Oh! nothing mum and this raincoat dropped out of my window and that was the dogs barking" Emerald said."Hmm.." said Mum in a quiet voice.When Emerald came back to bed she tried to figure out how she did turn into anime But couldn't figure out how
More coming soon (i will edit it for more sorry :*( im busy.
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The magic raincoat
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