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PostSubject: Crying~[01/17/13]   Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:01 am

Sooo yeah, I said to myself first that.. '' Why would I cry? '' And then when its my time to explain it I started to cry.. -.-

Sooo yeah, This is what happen. Our Teacher told us to choose our favorite subjects and get their notebooks. Only 3 favorite subject she said. Then Instead of the Subjects she said we will make it into our 3 important,dearest person to our lives and yeah, I put my parents and my one sister. Soo then my teacher said. '' The God will give you a power to save the important person to save so you have 3 important people in your hands then a big waves comes with oils then you should drop one important person because your hands is so slimy. Then I drop my. '' Secret '' Then only 2 notebooks left sooo it means 2 important person left then my teacher said. A metal hurt your left arm and its so painful and its almost broken so you need to drop the other one so that she/he will save. Sooo I drop my.. '' Secret '' Then one left. My teacher said that person left in my hands is the very important person. Then we go in front of the class one by one and explain it why we chose him/her. Soo yeah I chose my '' secret '' I still didn't cry because I promise I won't cry in front of my classmates. All of my classmates were crying expect the 2 days.. '' They are really keeping there tears But I know they are crying deep inside'' Then when a few minutes later its my turn. Then I said I chose.. "' blah blah blah. '' I turned around so that I can't see the face of my classmates crying because its making me cry but them when I turned back. My tears just started to fall down I still don't know why until now but maybe because I don't really wanted to drop the 2 important person in my life so yeah. Thats all. This day is a crying day xD.. lol.

Thank you for reading the long long long discussion.. ^^
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