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 Sports Day!! 1::17::13

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PostSubject: Sports Day!! 1::17::13   Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:41 am

<div align="center">So today it was SPORTS DAY!!! And guess what !! The teams were PURPLE and BLACK!! I really wanted to be black but nooo!! I have to be purple anyways!!!
I didn't have a purple top so I let my so-called-friend buy me a top and the the next day she said it cost 100 DHS!!! I screamed 'WHAT THE HECK!!?!' in my mind....So I wore the top and ignored her most of the time..while I actually know the!
So in the game, I was chosen and what we had to do is run,jump,run,roll,run,turn and run back. And being me, I ran fast and rolled with my GLASSES! lol but it didn't fall! Thank goodness! and ran back ... then...


yeah then after few games, we played pull the rope and it hurted as heck! at least we had some ... I could say 'strong' girls!Because we also won it!
And we ate a BIG COOL CAKE!I wanted to eat more but I didn't want to have a sick stomach because I knew I will play... we had a break and danced to Arabic songs and to OPPA GANGNAM STYLE and I never knew our school can dance like that!
And here comes most exciting part!!
We played basketball!I wasn't a fan of basketball but I played defense. In the other team, there is a girl who isn't afraid to get hurt by playing. So The ball was being throw and I followed it and i kinda... jumped and was about to take it and then after few seconds...I realized Katya (That girl I told you about above) and I were on the ground on top of each other. Later, I was blocking a girl from shooting and man! She was taller than me but it was bit hard but I took the ball anyways and dribbled it and passed it to my friend. This might sound WEIRD but I forgot who won but I think it's a tie anyways.
We did a VERY TALL ROPE by our jackets and clothes literally and won! it was kind of funny haha! At the end...WE WON!!!I was like 'Heck yeah!!' and took pictures with the trophy and danced again lolololol

I told my mom how much the top cost and she was like 'YOU IDIOT!! HOW DID YOU ACCEPT IT!!' and shouted I'd rather say... Arabic curse words.
Then I called her and her...MOTHER answered and I was like 'Is this Yasmin?' and she was 'I'm her mom' so i asked her how much it cost and she said 40 DHS! I told her thank you and closed. Then I tweeted her some stuff and a pic about Knowing the truth but wanting to know if they are LIEING(idk how to spell this DX) or NOT!
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PostSubject: Re: Sports Day!! 1::17::13   Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:42 pm

Wow, it sounds like you had a very sporty day! Dancing to gangnam style must be fun : 3 I wish I could.
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PostSubject: Re: Sports Day!! 1::17::13   Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:43 pm

Sounds like fun. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.
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PostSubject: Re: Sports Day!! 1::17::13   

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Sports Day!! 1::17::13
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