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 Fantage memories.

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Fantage memories. Empty
PostSubject: Fantage memories.   Fantage memories. EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 8:27 am

I think we had a a topic about this, but that was a long time ago, I think.

So I was just on fantage, looking at my inventory. I just remembered how I sold most of my old non member hair. I wanted to get them back, because I like them better than the items now. I looked on the trade and sell place, but no one is selling the old non member hair. So then I looked at my other things, and saw my old valentines day items. It made me think about how long I was on fantage (since 2009) and how much it changed. Fantage has gotten worse now that some admins/mods retired, but still, it could be worse. So, what is your favorite fantage memories? You can post pictures of fantage memories, say your favorite event, one thing that happened to you, etc.

I remember on the halloween party 2009, I was at the castle and I met a guy. We pretended to be ghost hunters, and I friended him. I went to my house and privet chatted him. (whatever it is called) I was like "I have a confession...I am not a ghost hunter...I am a GHOST!" it was so much fun.

I remember valentines party 2010. I played games, got awesome items, etc. I went in a valentines day photo booth, and took pictures with my friends.

Then, the new years party 2011. I loved the ball drop so much. It was an amazing memory on fantage.

My favorite event from 2012 was the summer party. I loved the items, and the water gun things were really fun. I went to the ship because it was new, and pretended to be an orca.

2010 ball party was awesome too.

What are your fantage memories?

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Fantage memories.
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