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PostSubject: Timeline Three (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU SAW PMMM EPISODE 10)   Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:55 am

(This is my story. It is in first-person to me, Madoka. How I saw it. I will post more chapters soon)
Chapter 1: Homura released, I contracted.
I was walking through the hospital with Sayaka. She wanted to vista Kyouske. There was a girl in a room. The door said her name was Homura Akemi. Hmm. A doctor came and removed the name, and put up a new one. "Who's name is that?" I asked the man. "A girl from two days ago. I forgot what happened..." The man walked away. Sayaka said she needed to go to the bathroom. I went to the roof of the hospital to get some air. In front of me, there was an adorable animal. It looked like a cat. It didn't look like a cat. WHAT DID IT LOOK LIKE!? "Madoka..." The animal said. I was startled. "How do you know my name?"
"My name is Kyubey. No one can see me but you. You are powerful, Madoka. Iwant to contract with you."
"What type of contract?"
"I want to to become Puella Magi- A Magical Girl! You can use your magic to save the universe from evil! You need one wish. Anything you want, I can make it happen."
I thought for a moment.
Kyubey smiled. "What do you think?"
I had a good wish idea, for the sake of my family. "I wish my family will always be safe!"
Kyubey jumped. "I will now grant your wish."
I felt tingling. Little did I know he was actually ripping the soul out of my body and putting it into a tiny gem.
"That's it. Go use your magic." Kyubey said. A girl came down from the sky. She had blonde hair into little low pigtails, and she wore this weird costly dress. She looked at me. "New recruit?" The girl asked. "Yes. "Kyubey replied.
"I'm Mami." She said to me. I smiled. "I'm Madoka."
"Let's go battle our first witch together. By my data, her name is Gertrude!"
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