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 Almost Done~ [2/15/13]

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PostSubject: Almost Done~ [2/15/13]   Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:26 am

Oh yeah!, Were almost done with our video :3..
If you wan't to see some behind the scenes just go here. Click Me!!

And yeah, We really have fun making the movie. xD. Laughing, Becoming crazy and do what-ever.
Well, I will save it today and post it to youtube today. ^^
I hope the internet is fast today~
And BTW~ When I already posted the video, Don't forget to like it okay? :> ^^ Thank you in advance~ :>

And yeah, I know I'm bad in grammar but could you tell me whats the right grammar for this?

'' I wasn't mad( or angry? ) when you bullied me. Instead I tried to solve this case? or Problem or crime? ''

Yeah, I hope you would like our Comedy movie~
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Almost Done~ [2/15/13]
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