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PostSubject: RAINBOW'S GUIDE TO OVER-COME YOU'RE FEARS!   Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:06 am

I'm trying to get over my fear of drowning, so I figured I'd share this guide with you guys since you're scared of stuff .-.

1. Figure out what you're fear is, and try to find the root of it. ( Try to figure out why you're scared of it.)
2. Use you're imagination to try to over-come you're fear a little bit. EXAMPLE: If you're afraid of bugs, try imagining yourself covered in ants or something.
3. Confront you're fears by talking to someone, and maybe they can help you.
4. Actually try to do you're fear. EXAMPLE: If you're afraid of ants, let one crawl up you're arm so you can see it doesn't want to harm you.

EXTREME GUIDE~ ( Use if you're fear is things like drowning, heights, ect.)
1. Figure out why it became you're fear.
2. Imagine you are put in a situation where it is happening to you. ( example- drowning.) Then, figure out ways to stop it from happening to you.
3. Confront you're fears. Example: If you're afraid of heights, go somewhere High up. Stay there for at least ten minutes.
4. Repeat step three every day, adding on more time each time. Example: start with one minute, and work you're way up to twenty.

Hope this helps!
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