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 Variety show {3/8/13}

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PostSubject: Variety show {3/8/13}   Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:39 pm

I was in my schools variety show just tonight! When I came to my school where it was hosted, it was so crowded!! There were lots of acts. One act was really cute, It was from a first grader {the show is open to people from first to sixth grade) and he was doing magic. He did the bunny in a hat trick. Everyone could tell it was always in there but it was so cute! My friends were on there ipods playing minecraft, and it was so annoying. The worst part is that I had to move because they were making fun of every act and I could not hear anything. I had to wait a long time since I was act 19. When my act was next I went on the side of the stage, and when it was my acts turn I skipped out dancing to Ievan Polkka with my friend. It was great until i messed up and the whole crowed noticed. When I got back I felt really bad and my enemies that were dancing to gangnam style were making fun of our miku shirts, miku music, miku dance, and they said "Those shirts are so weird, why do you listen to that crappy chinese music?" I replied saying "First of all, it is JAPANESE! Next, I am tired of you making fun of our things that we like." Then when I walked away they said something mean and I said "I heard that! I have ears!" So when they were mean to me I would just sing in japanese.

So 2 people came up to me saying it was awesome. One guy who was at dress rehursal heard the song and loved it, and we told him it was by miku so he looked up some songs and he loves her now! He was dancing to hip hop music and it was so cool! It looked so awesome when he did robot moves. Then next person was my ex best friend who does magic every year. When you sit on the side, you can see where the "magic" comes from. But I admit her act was awesome.

All of the acts were awesome, but I will always hate the Gangnam style one...

When my mom picked me up I told her how they laughed at me and she said "Maybe it is because of the song and how funny it is. Your act was so funny!" And she was meaning it. I mean, just because it is different does not mean it is funny! Some people came up to me and said that my act was really bad. Well they are just jealous by how awesome miku is!

Before the show this guy who used to be in my fifth grade glass (class clown) was actually cheering me on which was a suprise since I was the least popular and he hated me before...

One of the acts were so funny!Some kids made giant cardboard heads (Like printed) of some middle school teachers and was doing ***** ***** (the name of our school) style. Anorther act that I loved was karate. Another cool one was this person who was singing freak the freak out, but they had glow in the dark clothes on! They did flips and things and it was awesome.
So last year someone sang something and got really made fun of for it, so my act just took place of that. But over all this night was not too bad.

Sorry it is long OwO

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PostSubject: Re: Variety show {3/8/13}   Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:05 pm

Those Gangnam style guys are a bunch of jerks. I agree, I bet they're just jealous. Who needs people like them anyway?
Wow, I bet that you had one of the best acts! You and your friend must be couragous to be up on stage (especially dancing up on stage)! You girls, got talent!
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PostSubject: Re: Variety show {3/8/13}   Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:20 pm

now you cant assume people are always jealous when they are making fun of you. however i agree they were being jerks, after all, you shouldnt make fun of the things people like. its good to have opinions, just dont bash others'. you like what you like, and theres no problem with that!

anyway, theres nothing we really can do about people like them in the world, but i hope you feel better. dont let them get to you, okay? youre a great person, believe it :O
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PostSubject: Re: Variety show {3/8/13}   Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:24 pm

Don't listen to those jerks! They are mean and you shouldn't take anything they say as an offense. I hope you had lots of fun otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Variety show {3/8/13}   Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:53 am

oh that's really mean of them, i'm so sorry to hear that. some people are just like that, unfortunately. but like terezi said, don't let it get to you! at my school, i bet a ton of people would like your act; there's probably at least fifteen people who like vocaloid at my school.
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PostSubject: Re: Variety show {3/8/13}   

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Variety show {3/8/13}
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