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 Okay i might.......

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PostSubject: Okay i might.......   Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:53 pm

I might draw like Blythe Baxter since i am her twin sister (we don't really look alike!)
AND BY THE WAY i am using her computer >-< so i might have her pictures and stuff that she owns we both share! if you think i'm not her i am gonna do a joinme or tinychat okay? she went on her kindle this afternoon she went on her ff account and she was banned for something she showed me i got really upset but she went crying to her bed sorry guys she's banned until maybe 12/7/2013 or something like that idk but she have to move this summer! so yea i am sorry can my sister's friend be my friend? OH AND BTW she might use this account or not if she feels comftrble okay? thanks for understanding!!
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Okay i might.......
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