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 Other Half ~ RP APPs.

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PostSubject: Other Half ~ RP APPs.   Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:10 pm

Setting: A cozy suburban town, year 2013, some time in the summer.
Everyone on Earth... has another half. The other half is someone who is the opposite of them, for a reason. Think of the saying "opposites attract". These 2 halves are meant to meet one day, and look past each other's differences. The God of Earth has made it this way to make the world a better place. Once the 2 people meet, they are emotionally & mentally connected. They are able to hear each other's thoughts, and feel each other's emotions. Whenever one of the halves is in pain, the other will also be in pain. If one is happy or excited, the other will be, too. If the 2 halves fight or stay away from each other for too long, they grow weaker, like they are getting the flu or another sickness. Basically, after the 2 people meet, they must stay together and face life with each other, one challenge at a time.

So this is like a life/science-y fiction sort of role play? I dunno. Well hope you guys enjoy c;
Form in the code. Remember your character and their other half must be *opposites*


My app.
NAME Riley Brickner
AGE 16
GENDER & SEXUALITY female; bi.
OTHER HALF pm me yall c;
BIOGRAPHY*optional* Grew up in a middle-class family as an only child. Pretty normal life, but she's been lonely without any siblings. Riley was popular in school but didn't even know why. She didn't try to be, it just happened. After a while she got sick of her popularity but didn't tell anyone.
PERSONALITY Even though she was part of the popular crowd, she wasn't one of the snobby/mean cool kids. Her parents were nice, but strict when it came to grades so she was a straight-A student. Riley loves sports, music, video games, food, TV, hanging out with friends, the internet, and her pomeranian Willy. She's loud, outgoing, random, confident, crazy, fun, kind, and persistent.
APPEARANCE Yes I know this is Zendaya <3
OTHER nopee
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PostSubject: Re: Other Half ~ RP APPs.   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:19 pm

NAME Candra Luxenberg
AGE 16
GENDER & SEXUALITY female, bisexual
OTHER HALF pm me I guess c:?
BIOGRAPHY*optional* Candra has loved a tough life. She's had to fend for herself in the city slums, and while It might toughen other people, Candra appears to have had the opposite effect making her a weak person emotionally instead of her developing a metaphorical scond layer of thick skin. Candra has been desperately searching for other half ever since her mother told her about how it works. She adores her mother's other half and hopes to find someone like that for her. While juggling her life, emotions, school, and choir she's gone to multiple sites where she can meet others looking for their halves-- she has yet to be successful.
PERSONALITY exuberant, easily impressed, optimistic, excitable, respectful, humble, emotionally frail. Candra is a very happy girl, however she does have her short bouts of anger, depression and other feelings. She's usually happy. She's more intuitive than logical and she's almost naive, she isn't exactly tough mentally, but she knows how to handle herself.
OTHER Candra has made choir big part of her life. She has made it her outlet for her emotions. It soothes her in bad times and makes her happy. Candra doesn't know her real father and the only father figure in her life is her mother's other half, who she loves like a father iWeb wishes he was her father.

Note: she may look boyish in the picture, but under the red woolen hat is long, sleek brown hair, and she does does have a figure under that flannel shirt and jacket :p
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dewey decimal system
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PostSubject: Re: Other Half ~ RP APPs.   Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:55 pm

@Relora ~ accepted ^3^

anyone else?
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PostSubject: Re: Other Half ~ RP APPs.   

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Other Half ~ RP APPs.
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