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 Alphas and Humans-RP Applications

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PostSubject: Alphas and Humans-RP Applications   Sat May 04, 2013 8:06 pm

Story| {Your Character} goes to Metropolitan Institute of Science and Technology in upstate New York.You live a normal life,plenty of friends,a loving dad mother and siblings.But when you find out your an Omega your life changes,you have to protect your City and defeat the undead.But,you can't do it alone.You and your friends team up to save the city of New York.

Okay,so your probably confused about the whole Omega thing.An Omega is a person who has to defeat the undead so no body will die.
There are Level 1s , Level 2s and Level 3 Alphas (Zombies) Level 1s aren't so smart,and arent very good fighters. Level 2s are a bit smart and can fight,Level 3s are extremely intelligent it takes skill to kill Level 3s.

If you decided your character is getting chased,you have the option to find for example;perfume,a bucket of juice anything that can change your scent so they loose track of you. I.E Never let an Alpha sniff you.

How Did You Find Out Your An Omega;
Description/or Picture;

No Taunting
No Being Mean/Snobby to other people
Follow Regular Rules
No Mary-Sues

(I'll post my APP later or Tomorrow.)
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Alphas and Humans-RP Applications
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