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 Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}

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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   Tue May 14, 2013 7:21 pm

thank you!! this is gonna be awesome
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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   Tue May 14, 2013 8:52 pm

Name:Allice-Cara Devageligne
Age: 17
Gender & Sexuality:Female, bi.
Their Crime:Stealing, partying, under-aged drinking, and an alleged stabbing while intoxicated.
Biography:Allice, goes by Ally/Alli/Cara. She appears to be a fun, smart, preppy girl with a stick-thin body. She always had good grades when she was younger, always using her manners and doing her best to meet up to her parent's expectations. She was an only child. She was always.. sparkling. On the inside, she's an emotional wreck her father left her mother when she was 11. One day her mother and father just came home drunk, and they got into a fist war. The mother tried to walk out, but the father slugged her and walked out "first". Never coming back. Allice has his apology letter to her in her bra, she always keeps it there. She ran away from home at the age of 13, feeling there was too much pressure. When she was 14 her mother adopted a 17 year old boy, on-coming 18 as her son so that Ally would have some extra protection, but he ended up being rude, mean and he repeatedly raped her for 2 years. She ended up running away and doing crimes, partying ad trying to make ends meet so that she'd never have to return home. During the night she would sneak into her house and take money out of her step-"brother's" wallet along with her mothers. One night when she came, he was waiting for her. He was stronger and more hungry, due to not having "it" in a while. He wrestled her down, and pushed her down a flight of stairs, dragging her by the hair into her backyard, raping her. She couldn't do anything about it. As he was finishing up, he became weak Ally then found the strength to kick him off and run into her father's old worn-out tool shed. There she found large gardening scissors (to trim hedges), and she stabbed him when he tried to finish his way with her. Afterward her mother found him there and some of Cara's hair was found in his fingernail's. She was long gone by then, she had taken all the money she'd saved up when she was little and every last penny from her mother and her "step-brother's" wallet. The police found her in Florida, 8 months after. By then she was working as a photo model (like just for pictures, not the catwalk) and living in a small apartment. Since she had been working a fine paying job, she spent it on a lion tattoo on her right hand - index finger, and several fighting lessons. (Meaning she can fight)
Personality:She's direct and to the point, when she needs to say something, she will voice her opinion and take a stand.

On the outside: Friendly, Sweet, caring, precious, flirty, intelligent, talkative, protective, preppy, and electric. She always had energy, never feeling down.

On the inside: Broken, loud, sarcastic, angry, bottled up.


Additional Info:

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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   Tue May 14, 2013 8:59 pm

your app looks pretty good to me, even though im not the creator. since wish is not on, i'd start.

edit: sorry, that was a reply to your last post.
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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   Thu May 16, 2013 5:14 pm

NAME? "My name? I'm Clear (Pronounced Clair). But you may call me Skye. With that, I mean, you MUST all me Skye."
AGE? "Age? Why would you wanna know?" (She's 12)
GENDER & SEXUALITY? Seriously? Female!
YOUR CRIME? "So you want to know, huh? Murder, theft, kidnapping, graffiti-ing, bullying, convincing people to commit suicide and breaking into houses. Scared?"
HOW LONG IS YOUR SENTENCE? "Heck, as long as it could be. A lifetime."
BIOGRAPHY? "I was raised by a average family. Man, they were nice. Until they had my baby brother. I hated him. I was ignored. When my older brother came back from University, he teased me because I was abusing my little brother. He called me names. I promised I would stop." I stop and smile. "But I didn't. I killed my little brother, Evan. When my older brother found out, he was sad yet angry. An easily kill. That was how it all started. I murdered my family at their funeral, when my family was all together. They were so dumb. They didn't know I killed my brothers. They could've never seen it coming." I laugh and smile.
PERSONALITY? "I'm insane, and I'm proud. I tend to laugh a lot. I also like being nice, if it's to trick people. If I don't like you, I'll kill you. Do not insult me. Do not try to hurt me. I kill. I manipulate. I insult back. I sometimes don't even need to kill, since they commit suicide to stop the 'horror'"
ANYTHING ELSE? She wears a large hoodie that is about 2 or 3 sizes bigger, and there she hides multiple weapons, all of them crafted by herself. It wasn't exactly metal, so it easily went through the metal detector.
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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   Thu May 16, 2013 5:19 pm

@Ribbon, accepted! ^3^

*wonders if anybody else is going to join, hopes so ;-;*
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PostSubject: Re: Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}   

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Do the Crime, do the Time. {RP - APPs}
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