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 Cyber-Bully. [ RP APPS.]

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PostSubject: Cyber-Bully. [ RP APPS.]   Sun May 19, 2013 12:09 am




MY APP(s):
Victim Of Bullying
Name: Clark Ray
Age ( 14-18): 14
Grade: 9th.
Personality: Clark is a very shy person. She often excludes herself from group activities, making it hard for her to co-operate and make friends. Clark lacks social skills, and is usually eating alone during lunch or never talks. Clark is also very calm, usually the listener. She takes all the information in; No information ever goes out, making her trustworthy and secretive.
Description/Photo: Clark is a very slim girl; Her body is curvy and small, and she's very short for her age. She has a light olive skin tone, and easily burns in delicate sun. She often has red or peachy skin because of this, since she always forgets to wear sun-screen. She has long, auburn hair, with light curls and darker brown highlights in the centre and roots. It reaches her waist, and she usually wears it down. Her eyes are grey, dark and emotionless, often giving her a neutral facial expression. She almost never wears makeup, and has small patches of acne near her nose, that go almost unnoticeable.
Bio: When Clark was young, Her mother and father both died in a car crash, with her twin sister. Clark was then sent to an orphanage, and soon adopted by a loving foster family, who she still lives with today. Her foster parents are very protective of her, but are calm and give her enough freedom that she deserves.
Who's your Cyber-bully? ( PM SOMEONE AND THEN EDIT YOUR APP.) Ray Mellow.


Name: Ray Mellow
Age [ 14-18] 14
Grade: 9th
Personality: Ray is a very odd girl; She often has mood swings, and it is difficult to describe her personality. Sometimes, she's social and loves talking to people and sharing gossip and information, making her a gossiper and untrustworthy. Other times, Ray can be rude, harsh and un-predictable. She can snap at you quickly, and sometimes let's her anger out on an innocent person, making her immature and harsh.
Description/Photo: Ray is a rather chubby girl; She has short, black hair that reaches her cheeks, with a paler skin tone. Her eyes are a deep blue, making her seem sad and empty. Her lips are very full, and a light pink. Her hair is curly at the bottom, and rather wavy/straight at the top. She has a clear face, and usually gets small pimples on her forehead when she's nervous or angry.
Bio: When Ray was young, her father because a alcoholic. She would often witness him batter her mother with empty beer bottles, un-able to control his angry. Eventually, her mother moved out, taking Ray with her. Ray's mother died when she was twelve, which made her move in with her father until she was 13, and he was arrested for five years. She now lives with her grandma, who is oblivious to what she is doing.
Who are you cyber-bullying? ( PM someone and then edit your APP.): Clark Ray


Clark Ray, 14, Victim- Flower
Ray Mellow, 14, Cyber-bully- Flower
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Cyber-Bully. [ RP APPS.]
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