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 6/14/13- School BBQ.

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Hero Fantagian

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PostSubject: 6/14/13- School BBQ.   Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:08 pm

Yesterday was my school BBQ. It was pretty fun, I guess. There was a huge bouncy castle, tons of games, food, and other things to do. It was about three hours long; It started at 5:00 PM and ended around 8:00 PM. I was a filthy mess by the time I got home. When me and my friends were in line for the Bouncy Castle, two of my sister's friends came over and started embarrassing me. They asked me if I had a boyfriend, and I said no, and they said, " Sure, you don't." Then, my friend pitched in and said my crush FOREVER was right over there. She pointed. They made me show, and kept yelling, then I tackled my friend and we both fell to the ground. My crush laughed in my face. It sucked. Then we got on the Bouncy Castle, and my friend did a front flip, and my crush was like WOW. Everything flew by after that, and then we decided we would do Boys VS girls in the Bouncy Castle. When we were in line, we actually figured out MY CRUSH has a crush on one of my BEST FRIENDS. My friends said, " Oh, why would you like him? You're so out of his league! Someone who would like him would have to been in his league." Before they realized what they said, it hurt me. A lot. I don't know why him liking her hurt me so much. But that was the hot topic until the end of the BBQ. When we got into the Bouncy Castle, it deflated and I got stuck in the little area. My crush laughed in my face and didn't even bother helping me. The guy had to bail me out, then we continued our little wrestling match. Finally, it was over and we played RED ASS in the kindergarden yard. Too lazy to explain what it is. Then, I stayed for clean-up even though my mom didn't sign up for it. We had these spray bottles and were spraying them at each other. I was wearing flip-flops and got a bunch of blisters. After that, we had to drive my, like, Best friend in grade 8 home. We had a really long emotional talk. She went through the same thing I did. It was nice having someone I could talk to for once, who understands. Overall, it was fun, I guess.
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Ultimate Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: 6/14/13- School BBQ.   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:41 pm

I am happy about that last part, I am really glad that you are not alone. I hope you had some good times there!
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Veteran Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: 6/14/13- School BBQ.   Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:08 pm

I'm glad you have fun in the end. And don't worry about your crush and your friends. That guy doesn't know what he's missing. (and I'm jealous that you had a bouncy house). And your friends aren't that sensitive about your feelings huh. Feels like my friends.
I wished that I had a school BBQ. The best they did for us what our principal gave us like extra small Jamba Juices. Your school is much funner than mine~
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Veteran Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: 6/14/13- School BBQ.   Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:17 pm

It sounds like you had fun! Yesterday was the last day of school. My crush and I are very very close friends actually so it is funny. Your friends no offense don't feel like they are very considerate about your feelings. (ugh sorry bout this again a me statement, my friends would litterally never do that they don't hurt my feelings and if they did they would apologize) I hate talking about me I feel selfish... 
Okay well atleast you had fun!
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PostSubject: Re: 6/14/13- School BBQ.   

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6/14/13- School BBQ.
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