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 So . . . Bored [[ June 23, 2013 ]]

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PostSubject: So . . . Bored [[ June 23, 2013 ]]   Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:27 pm

I started visiting FF again a few days ago. Nothing much changed. ; w ;

Anyway, there's nothing to do today. My mom cooked Leche Flan though, it was delicious. I'm pretty sad school is almost over and heading to Jr. High; grade seven. My friends will be apart.. but there's always the mall right? //dies

I can't wait for this week at school; our fun week. We'll be going to a field trip at this ranch place. We would have camp but we didn't get to earn money or reserve ahead. qnq We're going to go canoeing and swimming. Wish me luck; I might drown. e w e I HOPE IT DOESN'T RAIN. Weather has been going off randomly this year. It'd be raining when they say it's sunny. ;A; Anyway, now to go bore myself. Bye~ c:

Might edit this later, I don't know what to write. ;w;
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So . . . Bored [[ June 23, 2013 ]]
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