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 Surprising day 7/19/13

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PostSubject: Surprising day 7/19/13   Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:42 pm

So today was a pretty cool day. I woke up this morning and my mom was asking all these questions about where radioshack in the mall. Then i had to go to musical theatre for about 2 hours. When i got into the car i looked and i saw an unfimiliar red samsung galaxy s3. I asked my mom who's it was and she said it was mine. I got super excited and went on it. I'm so excited! I'm really excited because this is my first cell phone. I was supposed to get it tomorrow but i guess my mom decided to get it today.
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Miranda Sings
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising day 7/19/13   Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:39 am

Wow, an s3! I only have a Samsung Galaxy mini though. :-(
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Surprising day 7/19/13
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