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 The Life Of A Cop RP APPS

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PostSubject: The Life Of A Cop RP APPS   Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:41 pm

Story Line'':

In this RP you can be a cop or a town person! Very Happy
Ok this is the cop app v.v
[b]Picture Or Description:[/b]
[b]Why did your character become a cop?[/b]
[b]Any family?:[/b]
Okie now thats over! Time for a town person! C:

[center][b]TOWN PERSON[/b][/center]
[b]Picture Or Description:[/b]
[b]Poor Or Rich?:[/b]
[b]Any thoughts about the cops?:[/b]
[b]Any family?:[/b]
Remember your character cant be Perfect, I would like this RP to have some realism. Thanks!
Picture Or Description:

Talents: Shes very good at being silent but bad at staying hidden.
Shes excellent with a gun but mostly leaves it to the men.

Why did your character become a cop?: She became a cop because she never had a choice. Her family was a cop so they forced her into being a cop, She got used to needing to be a cop but still secretly wants revenge on her family.
Any family?: 1 Sister And 2 Brothers. Her mum and her dad.
Other?: She wanted to be an Author
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The Life Of A Cop RP APPS
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