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 fantage meetup hide n, seek!

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PostSubject: fantage meetup hide n, seek!   Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:55 am

so were going to be meeting in periwinkle puffin and in the arcade since nobody goes there any more Crying or Very sad 

we are going to be playing hide and seek were 1 person is it and he/she counts to 100 ( trust you to do it right ! ) while other people go " hide " around various places in fantage then the seeker goes to look for them

rules for hide n seek:
1 no hiding behind other people
2 no hiding in shops ( including star cafe, creature arena dance club etc. )
3 no hiding in other peoples houses or your house.
and finally
4 no hiding w/ other people

tell me if your going  the party is on the party is going on right now it ends at 5:00 PM pacific time because i have to go to another meetup baiiiiiiii cheers cheers cheers

PS my user name is julia123lookatme
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PostSubject: Re: fantage meetup hide n, seek!   Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:52 pm

That'll be hard to find other people, but I'll come. Maybe you should do no flying in places.
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fantage meetup hide n, seek!
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