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 S-so Cold! (10/8/13)

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PostSubject: S-so Cold! (10/8/13)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:28 pm

Ok, so today I had a home cross country meet. The weather was horrible and we almost canceled. It was storming with thunder and lighting. Raining buckets and chilly as heck! We had to wait in the gym for half and hour until the lightning stopped. They ran 7th/8th girls together and 7th/8th boys together to save time. Being the doofus I am, I didn't bring sweats so I was FREEZING. Dean gave me the keys to the school so I could borrow some sweats. AND SINCE I'M MORE OF A DOOFUS, I LEFT THE KEYS INSIDE. I locked everybody out ;_;
We got in eventually, but the glares I got from everybody... Oh the glaresss.....
I got 15:32 for the 2 miles, which sucks because last time I got in the 14 minute range. Darn weather.
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Hallow ween
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PostSubject: Re: S-so Cold! (10/8/13)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:55 pm

omg. where do you live? minnesota? because where i am its only a little bit cold. and how did they get in if you locked everybody out?
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S-so Cold! (10/8/13)
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