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 todaay (10/10/13}

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PostSubject: todaay (10/10/13}   Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:34 pm

Mah day:

So i went ro homeroom and everyone complemented my outfit for the first time (othrr than the time with my owl short) than i seen my crush and i waves i ddcided to take ur advices on tht topic etc..

Than i went to science and my teacher was like "detention" and i wss like "for wut?" And she was like "for chewong gum" and i got in trouble but i got mad. I have detention after school on friday. NOOOO. DETENTION IS AT 6 O CLOCK FROM 5 AND THE FALL DANCE IS AT 6:30 ILL HAVE NO TIME TO GET HOMEEE AND IM RUNNING UP FOE FALL PRINCESS FOR FOURTH GRADE EVEN IF I WONT WIN.

K. Then at lunch someone threw a string bean at me and i dont know who did it. Than i friend did she see a suspicious string bean thrower and she said no. Than remember lesley. Well it wadnt her :0 so someone did it who hated me. Thn i went to the bathroom and the older girls were there and they were cheerleaders. The rule my school. They were all like "wut r u doin on the 6/7 hallway bathroooom?" Ad another girl said "yeah fourthgraders r on the otjer hallways" so i ignored them ans used my bathroom.

Then at dismissal i walked home. And 2 girls called me cuz im little. Soo wen i got home i went on my laptop and watched total drama allstars sincd my cable is out for 2 weeks.

Amd i got invited to a.sleep over on saturday.
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PostSubject: Re: todaay (10/10/13}   Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:43 pm

Nice day.

I wouldve voted for u if i went to ur skool
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todaay (10/10/13}
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