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 How I became Famous Rp Apps

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PostSubject: How I became Famous Rp Apps   Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:59 am

You or a girl or boy. You have a talent of some sort. You get discovered by a talent coach. You get into a plane with the other talented kids to Hollywood to preform. What is your fate? Crack under pressure or stay a star many years to come?


Age (8-18):
Bio (opp)
Picture/ Discription:
Where did you live before:

Name: Genieve (G.) Turner
Gender: Female
Age (8-18): 12
Personalty Out going, caring, smart, sweet,
Bio (opp) Rest later- She comes from a rich family and was talented sence she was two.
Likes and Dislikes+-
+Lemon water
+make up (even though she isn't so good)
+her new iphone
+desining things
-mean people
-cherries (she is allergic and needs to carry a epi pen in her back pack to be safe)
Picture/ Discription:
Talent: Sing, dance, gymastics
Where did you live before: Appleton Wisconsin
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How I became Famous Rp Apps
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