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Hero Fantagian

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PostSubject: help??   Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:18 pm

Unfortunately I have recently developed the dokis for someone? And I haven't in a year or so? Their name is Reese (tumblr user meowstic) and everything they say is super cutE

This is getting dumb so I'm just going to stop now gomen
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PostSubject: Re: help??   Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:28 pm

send them cute anon messages they will love u


tumblr / 내 호버크라프트는 장어로 가득 차 있어요. ㅡㅅㅡ
thank u elliot for the pic of me n my gf♥️
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Junior Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: help??   Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:53 am

meowstic.. if their tumby is filled with pictures of felines..
ll checks it out ll

stalk them? ouo;
(i kno its unhealthy) ...
ll slaps myself ll horrible advice!! D;
umm.. ll slowly disappears ll
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PostSubject: Re: help??   

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