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 Yay! (7/11/13)

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PostSubject: Yay! (7/11/13)   Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:24 pm

Okay I'll tell you later in this post why i have put "yay"
At the beginning of the morning Year 5's were dressed up in their own clothes because they were going to this awesome place called the peace center (my class went there last year :D )
When I saw my friend we started to chat about trips throughout the years at school.When the bell rang we went inside We did some maths and English....Later in the afternoon I had the best diner :D So when we saw what we were playing on we were on the slide and toys! (The slide had been burnt on a part on it at the beginning of the new school year and it had been repaired now :D )
We saw the y5's with their suitcases and toys going on the coach.I miss the good times at my school :D Ok so at the afternoon HYMN PRACTICE ugh i hated it especially today I had kind of lost my voice.After that we did guided reading,Soon we started to do the plan of our ww2 posters it was our class project until we go back to school in 2014 i think. Ok When we were middle of something in afternoon someone said
Everyone started laughing i couldn't help it so i started laughing...
When i came home just went to the libary for 1 hour then had tea and here i am now :D Before my tea i sucked on this thing that helped with my voice Now i Will explain why I said "yay!"
My mum passed her driving test it's because she didn't tell anyone.That's good because she can drive to work instead of my dad driving her to work and I can stay on the computer after school until I go to bed. Ok that's my day Bye! (I know It's so long.)
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Yay! (7/11/13)
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