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 A Russian pop song: Dress Code - VIP

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PostSubject: A Russian pop song: Dress Code - VIP   Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:15 am

Lyrics (translation):
-Vladik, what's wrong?
-Vip-vip, jeep-jeep, beep-beep...
You're a person vip-vip, you have a jeep-jeep, you take over and cut, I horn: beep-beep

I'm a person vip-vip
I have a jeep-jeep
I take over and cut
Everybody horns: beep-beep! [x2]

[Verse 1]
Thin fingers hold a steering wheel surely,
Music is at full volume, boys are so shocked!
Huge glasses, chewing gum and pedal to the metal,
The driving school won't teach you drive like this!
Now will be hot, fasten your seat belt! U-turn on the spot.
Turn at more volume, go fast! I drive in 200 on wrong side!
I won't apologize, my armchairs don't gather dust,
I ride whereever I want, I don't like straining!


[Verse 2]
Black leather interrior, navigator and xenon,
Dim and full lights enhances the chrome pack,
Titanium rims, new tires,
Gas station worker, fill the full tank of gasoline!
And for full pleasure there is an immobilizer...
How a blazer from Versace fits my car!
The spark plugs don't break down, I drive without medicine,
Get out of my way, little humans!


[Verse 3]
For such cars the way is always open,
A dark SUV flies on the night city
On the parking lot for them there is always a place.
In the fashion clubs people know - you're an enviable bride!
Strangers rate the size of the jeep,
Parking lot workers enlighten from your manners.
Wanna ride - pass the face control!
Only VIP persons ride on such ones!


[Verse 4]
Hey, I see you have the right ride,
For pocket spendings you have a wad of currency,
If someone will offend you - you can call me easily,
All problems and questions I solve very simply,
Come on, press the gas pedal and don't brake,
You know your value - you're the VIP person

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A Russian pop song: Dress Code - VIP
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