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 Guess what I did to some nasty fantagians????

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PostSubject: Guess what I did to some nasty fantagians????   Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:41 pm

Just wanted to share something with you~~

So I was so bored so i went to a wun tryout to see all the drama. After all the drama the owners came back and made it a " strip club" it was really gross and they were talking about bad stuff too. So I pretended to call all the peace police ( fantagians who keep fantage safe)  and told the nasty fantagians that ey were coming. No one believed me. So a few minutes later I said they were here and hidden on top of the walls. Then they were all so stupid and freaked. One guy told the owner to kick me out because I was banning everyone, though the owner said she couldn't because it will kick everyone else out too. The guy totally freaked out and then the owner kicked everyone out.

The end.
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Guess what I did to some nasty fantagians????
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