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 MikuMikuDance stuff

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PostSubject: MikuMikuDance stuff   Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:46 pm

Even though now I have extreme headache and dizzy, I'll still upload my MMD models here - in particular, the ones that at my opinion belong to my former friend's from Kidzworld (name: keekeow) anime project, named Little things. Here's what she described:
keekeow wrote:

Little things. Little things would have been this chibi type nursery thing. They are always getting into trouble. Like the rugrats maybe XD
So here are the models that I've done so far. For over-obsession with sweet lolita fashion and particularly Angelic Pretty brand - sorry please... Also sorry for kewt kawaii dechu japanese-style names that sound like baby talk - well, you know...

Name: Chichibu

Name: Kirarin

Name: Chamo
Editing is allowed. Please show edited - I wanna know if you maybe either optimized it, or made it cuter?
Distribution: Only edited - please credit Cloud9 (for Chamo), Montecore (for Kirarin), amiamy111, MMDFakewings18 from deviantart.

So what do you think about them? Anyways, sorry for even such an inappropriate idea >Д<
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MikuMikuDance stuff
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