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 I Can Edit/Recolor Your Avatar Here!

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PostSubject: I Can Edit/Recolor Your Avatar Here!   Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:55 pm

If you want me to edit your character, just post a picture of your Fantage avatar under this topic! They take about 15-20 minutes to complete, so I can probably make a lot of them in a day. I won't always be doing this, so here's your chance! :3
How you should ask me:
[Hair] - [Color] and [Color] Highlights, if wanted
[Top] - [Color(s)]
[Bottom] - [Color(s)]
Or if it's a dress/one piece outfit, just ask for a [Color]
[Shoes] - [Color(s)]
[Board]- [Color(s)]
Please specify which parts of the items you want to be which color.
I will not be accepting costume edits/doing any of the Lucky Bot items. (They're too big and take too long to edit)
If you want me to add simple details/edits to your character, go ahead and ask me. Don't make it too vague, though.
If you want me to make your overall outfit a certain theme, like your school colors, you can ask me and I will surprise you with what I can do.
Post a picture of your avatar by making a cropped picture on paint, and posting the image on imgur or whatever photo-sharing website you would like. Thanks!
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I Can Edit/Recolor Your Avatar Here!
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