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 throwback + reintroduction?

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PostSubject: throwback + reintroduction?   Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:50 pm

wow i'm cringing a lot alright nice:
things change a lot in 5 years?? which brings me to reintroducing myself.
there's not really a point in it since i hardly go on this website anymore, nor does anyone else, but i thought it would be a fun thing to do.
so uh hi i'm eden. i had a TON of names on here, but i think the most notable ones were fuko, elliot, and something else that i can't remember at the moment? i'm sure most people here know who i am anyway. i guess i could start off by saying that i'm 14 now! i live in canada and i have a massive obsession with cats. i also really like flowers, video games, and listening to generic tumblr music (like halsey and twenty one pilots) even though i never touch tumblr?? haha oops.
umm i like to draw, watch youtube, and play random games in my free time?? annd
thats about it i think!!
as a little side note, i'd like to thank everyone that i've became friends with or talked to on this forum! this forum really impacted me quite a bit, and i'm so glad to have been a part of this community when it was active. you're all amazing people, and i've made so many amazing memories here. again, thank you so much. <3
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PostSubject: Re: throwback + reintroduction?   Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:28 pm

Don't worry, pretty much all of my old posts were cringe worthy. If I ever made an introduction (sadly my first post was on a dead topic about club penguin vs. fantage), that would have been terrible to look back at.

Hey, but it is fun to see what we're all like now and how we've changed as people!! I really like Youtube and Twenty One Pilots too, it's awesome to see someone else here does as well.

I really miss those old forum days, but I'm so happy I got to at least experience it aaa.

Also this is very unrelated but I used to think you were the coolest person ever because you told me that you lived in canada and I never had internet friends before so I was like "woah omg!!1!"
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PostSubject: Re: throwback + reintroduction?   Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:13 pm

I think I remember you by the name elliot?
It's been a while Smile
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PostSubject: Re: throwback + reintroduction?   Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:38 pm

ayyy hello!!! a lots changed on here. can't believe it's so empty and dead.
i'm pretty sure everyone's old posts were cringeworthy asf haha
heck my first topic was about how annoying i thought fantage babies were; didn't even properly introduce myself properly
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PostSubject: Re: throwback + reintroduction?   

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throwback + reintroduction?
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