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 Fantage Music Video Contest

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PostSubject: Fantage Music Video Contest   Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:38 am

Hey Fantagians!

I'm hosting a Fantage Music Video Contest-

Here's the info about it:
Quote :
Welcome to Mace's Fantage Music Video Contest!

What you have to do, is make a music video, and then make it a video response to this video, and your entered!

Here are the rules:
-It has to be a new video, it can't be a old one.
-It has to be a video response to this video.
-You may only submit ONE video.
-Song must be appropriate, so no tons of cussing.
-Music vid must be longer then a minute.
-Have Fun!

1st Place:
Win a month long membership, gets to buddy me on Fantage, and gets sponsored on my blog.

2nd and 3rd place:
Gets to be my buddy on Fantage, and gets sponsored on my blog.

The contest ends March 7th!
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Fantage Music Video Contest
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