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 School Day

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PostSubject: School Day   Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:50 am

Lol, today at school [in the morning] was pretty fun.
First, when like our morning recess was over, my class was waiting outside for a while for my teacher to come. But, she didn't come, and we waited for about 10-15 more minutes after we did the pledge of allegience. And then, my friend Destiny was yelling at everybody, pretending that she was the teacher. xD Then, a 7th grade teacher, Ms. McCarty, heard us and called us in. She was very nice, and I LOVED the seats in 7th grade, lol. And the classroom was a portable~ Anywho, Ms. McCarty played the Mad Libs thing with us, and after a while, a man working at the school was our sub for the day. So fun. Lol.


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School Day
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