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 Glitch in Topic, Mod please read

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PostSubject: Glitch in Topic, Mod please read   Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:43 pm

Ok, if you look at the Harry Potter vs. Twilight topic in Entertainment, you will see on the 4th page I made a post that said that I was sad to see Fred die, but after that, theres like 100 lines of randomness! Not funny randomness, bad randomness. Jian pmed me saying it busted her computer, ( its ok now, she said its fine )and now I have no Idea how to delete it! Even if I try to erase it off my post, Its still there when i resend it. If a mod sees this, please delete my post on the Topic. Does any one know what happened?????????

EDIT: I think it has to do with screen wideness, and like Jian said, it might be Adobe flash player or whatever it is...Help! affraid No Suspect Shocked bounce pale
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Glitch in Topic, Mod please read
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