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 Mermaid Spell- A Story I Made Up

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PostSubject: Mermaid Spell- A Story I Made Up   Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:45 pm

Chapter 1:

Coraline was walking along the beach till she saw a cloud of smoke appear in front of her. She paused and waited for the smoke to clear up. When the smoke cleared, she saw a wizard! The wizard was all dress in black. She more looked like a witch. The witch-looking wizard said nothing but tapped Coraline's head with a Magic Wand. "When ever you touch water, you get mermaid powers. You can breathe underwater for as long as mermaids can. You can swim as a mermaid. But you won't turn into a mermaid." That's all the wizard said, then she vanished in a cloud of smoke. "Mermaid powers?" Coraline thought. She wonders if this is all a dream.

Chapter 2:

It seems like Coraline can't stop it. Although, she had always wanted to be a mermaid. But having mermaid powers is not enough for her. She wants to live in the sea. She has to find the the witch-looking wizard and make her a mermaid forever. But how?
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Mermaid Spell- A Story I Made Up
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