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 The Pokemon Story

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The Pokemon Story  Empty
PostSubject: The Pokemon Story    The Pokemon Story  EmptySun Mar 20, 2011 4:29 pm

This is how it will work! I will post the 1st message, and it will be of a girl talking. You can add a character, just give me the appearance if you don't have a pic of him/her. So I will know. BTW, I'm not allowed to find the pics myself because I don't want my computer to contain TOO many files! OK.

This is the character info I need:

Relationship to...?:
Age(it has to be 10 or older):
Pokemon Team(It has to be a Hoenn pokemon):

That's all the info I need for now!

If you got stuck on the character info, this is my character's info if YOU need

Name: Cheska
Appearance: Tan Skin, Black hair, Black eyes
Personality: Kind, shy
Birthday: November 10
Relationship to: Need more characters!!!!!!!!(example is Ash's cousin)
Pokemon Team: Level 30 Combusken, Level 28 Swellow, Level 40(emergency) Rayquaza
Clothing: green hoodie with yellow tank top, jeans, and light green sneakers

That is all for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Pokemon Story
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